Completely Free Two Factor Authentication

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Protecting Today’s Youth From CyberBullies

Nowadays, educational institutions are targeted by phishing attacks quite often, something that leads to the disclosure of confidential information. Data security on campus is also compromised by simple password thefts and key logger viruses, so it is best not to take any chances.

Government & Corporate Risk Mitigation

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to reduce your liability, as this can ensure your databases will be free from intrusions and that the vital information of the agency or company is safe from threats related to fraud, hackers and identity theft.

Protection From Password Thieves

Any password can get stolen, but they won’t have access anyway without the other security code.

Seamless Two-Factor Authentication

Integrate Two-Facor Authentication into your system quickly, easily and seamlessly.

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Deploy Anywhere

Our unique technology allows you to effectively deploy two-factor authentication with virtually any system that supports Radius.

Enhanced Security

Protect your data and users better when you enable two-factor authentication. One password is not enough anymore.

Minimize Risk

Are you legally liable for data loss? What would happen to your organisation if the wrong people accessed your applications and your data?

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