What is SMS2?

Meet your new two-factor authentication system: SMS2, the most reasonable two-factor security system on the planet.

SMS2 is an extremely popular (and completely free) two-factor authentication system for NetScaler, Juniper, Cisco, and F5 remote access platforms: in-fact any platform that supports the industry standard RADIUS protocol. It fits into almost all existing remote access systems powering Fortune 500 companies, government sites and schools. SMS2 also directly integrates with legacy Citrix Web Interface sites using a custom plugin. The solution is tested with 120,000 users and each component can be installed onto multiple servers with load balancing for resilience and redundancy.

Open Standards All The Way …

There’s no need for expensive licenses and proprietary software or to purchase special tokens that only work with our platform; we use open standards. – Any platform that uses RADIUS can connect. – Any token supporting OATH (HOTP or TOTP) can authenticate.

Hardware & Software tokens …

Your system can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be, often with zero expense by using software tokens such as Google Authenticator. If you would prefer physical tokens then you’re free to purchase them anywhere. Any OATH (HOTP or TOTP) token is supported. We can even supply you with very cost effective OATH token packs if you’d like to buy the same models we use for testing.

Authentication through your mobile phone …

If you don’t use a smartphone don’t worry, you can get an authentication code via text message. Simply setup SMS2 to send a one-time login code to you via text message, and every time you need to login it will automatically send a new code that’s unique to you.

Authentication through your home phone …

Setup Twilio for outbound calls and SMS2 can ring your home number and read you a one-time code at login.

No phone? No problem.

Stuck without a phone entirely? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Instead of using a phone or a physical token, you can print a security matrix on paper. At login you’ll be given a column and row and you can then enter the correct code from the grid. Further reading: PCI DSS Compliance is Everyone’s Problem.

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